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                                                        AMERICAN PLENTY
     "nestled in a beach cottage style storefront with quality products and drive
        thru convenience our customers will feel like they are almost home"
                                         "Whole Foods" meets "Alta Dena drive thru"    
                                                      -  small space with big charm  -          
           Experience shopping as it was meant to be, convenient and comfortable.
  American Plenty will provide fresh, organic, plant-based foods and lifestyle essentials 
The concept of a drive-thru market is long overdue.  Today convenience is not only a catch phrase but a reality for most people.  The concept of being able to stay in your car along with kids or dogs and shop for basics is not only timely it has become a necessity.  All around us today we see drive-thru retail, everything from fast-food to dry cleaners and drugstores.
 The marriage of convenience with healthy food marketing is a niche that is not being done on the scale it demands. More than the obvious benefit of a drive-thru, AMERICAN PLENTY with its beach-bungalow all-American charm and organic food, fresh staples and lifestyle essentials will cater to all.  AMERICAN PLENTY will raise itself to a higher level of quality than any other convenience store open today.  With its touch of general store feeling while providing specialty foods, gourmet products and basics. The locally sourced produce and  fresh flowers, and picnic for two to go available on the weekends.  When you combine the charm and quality that AMERICAN PLENTY will provide, we believe it will strategically put us in the position to appeal and provide for the broadest consumer base possible. American Plenty will provide non-GMO, organic, gluten free and vegan and vegetarian options for those looking to grab basics,  or a bite on the go. AMERICAN PLENTY will be green driven on all levels from design/structure to products we carry and company contribution. 

  • All demographics—from Generation Z to Baby Boomers–say they would pay more for healthy foods, including those that are GMO-free, have no artificial coloring/flavors and are deemed all natural. via FORBES 
  American Plenty is my passion, the concept, products, team and locations will be the keys to our success. I am in the very early stage of the American Plenty enterprise but I believe it will be a positive long term investment for everyone involved and I am committed to making it happen! 

American Plenty is a stand alone drive-thru express market, with a focus on providing locally grown organic produce, healthy food, vegan/vegetarian food options and lifestyle essentials (pet food, wine, diapers, fresh flowers, firewood etc). The concept is a small 'whole foods' with a drive-thru (not unlike the Alta Dena Dairy model), about the size of a jiffy lube. First store would open in Austin,Texas or Southern California - both provide the demographics and ideal environment for success. I have also identified 10 other cities/markets with the strongest culture and demand for AP, for eventual store roll-out and or franchise kit opportunities.

Under the umbrella of the American Plenty enterprise I will expand and develop the brand to include the AP drive-thru market, franchise kits of AP drive-thru markets sold nationwide, smaller walk in micro markets simply called 'Plenty' (hotels and strip malls), vending machines  and kiosks called 'Plenty Provisions' (healthy snacks and drinks/high schools/destinations etc.) AP cookbook, AP own label products/merchandise and E-commerce grocery shopping similar to 'THRIVE MARKET' on-line model, AP app for drive thru, home delivery - ordering and payment. 


Thank you for your interest and consideration of this exciting enterprise with a promising future. Investors contact via email or mail see address below, looking for R&D capital - angel investor/partner!

Karen Baxter / AP
1112 Montana Avenue, Suite 269  
Santa Monica, California 90403

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