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                                                        AMERICAN PLENTY
                      where you can still discover something timeless.....
     "nestled in a beach cottage style storefront with quality products and drive
        thru convenience our customers will feel like they are almost home"
                                         "Whole Foods" meets "Alta Dena drive thru"    
                                                      -  small space with big charm  -          
           Experience shopping as it was meant to be, convenient and comfortable.
       American Plenty will provide non-GMO, organic, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.
The concept of a drive-thru market is long overdue.  Today convenience is not only a catch phrase but a reality for most people.  The idea of being able to stay in your car along with kids and dogs and shop for basics is not only timely it has become a necessity.  All around us today we see drive-thru retail, everything from fast-food to dry cleaners and drugstores.
The vision came to me when leaving the market with small children after stopping to pick up a few basics.  I felt like I had just spent an eternity of energy and peace of mind.  By the time I finished navigating finding a parking space, walking up and down isles full of things I did not need and then waiting in line to pay…..I saw mothers just like myself beaten down and frustrated as well as nicely dressed professionals with pasta and wine looking irritated at the long lines ahead of them.  I fantasized as I drove home about the days of yore when my parents could drive-thru a dairy to get essentials……and then it hit me.  The marriage of convenience with marketing is a niche that is not being done on the scale it demands.
More than the obvious benefit of a drive-thru, AMERICAN PLENTY with its beach-bungalow all-American charm and organic food, fresh staples and lifestyle essentials will cater to all.  AMERICAN PLENTY will raise itself to a higher level of quality than any other convenience store open today.  With its touch of general store feeling while providing specialty foods, gourmet products and basics. The locally sourced produce and  fresh flowers, and picnic for two to go available on the weekends.  When you combine the charm and quality that AMERICAN PLENTY will provide, we believe it will strategically put us in the position to appeal and provide for the broadest consumer base possible. American Plenty will provide non-GMO, organic, gluten free and vegan and vegetarian options for those looking to grab basics,  or a bite on the go. Understand that from the beginning of this venture we must maintain a desire to practice and initiate an environmentally sensitive business in all areas and AMERICAN PLENTY will be green driven on all levels from design/structure to products we carry and company contribution. This is a powerfully emerging market at 28 billion spent annually and growing everyday.

AMERICAN PLENTY will step on the shoulders of traditional convenience stores and old school drive thru dairy's while aiming higher with a more current and better version to meet the demands of the modern savvy customer who can and will shop where they feel good, get what they want and save time while they are doing it.  We will revolutionize this industry with high quality foods and lifestyle items.  The potential for franchising this concept is enormous and a smaller version simply called "plenty" without the drive-thru is a perfect fit within hotels and strip malls allowing for a two tiered business model depending on needs and location. Starbucks coffee rolled out twelve hundred drive-thru stores, keep in mind that the world’s largest coffee chain once shunned the drive-thru concept. Eventually they could not ignore the customer’s desire for comfort and convenience.  They have also stated that drive-thru locations post higher first year sales averaging about $1million compared to roughly $715,000 for traditional stores. One final note according to Ron Tanner, vice president of communications at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Inc. in New York City says "Don't expect consumers to settle anymore, their taste especially those of 25-34 year olds are increasingly turning to specialty foods ranging from organic to gourmet and fine wines.  This crop of consumers is also more likely to treat themselves every day, and that alone has fueled a lot of the increase in specialty foods.
I am looking for start up capital in order to move this from concept stage/early development to a refined business model and convert idea into a viable business and to lay down the basic structure of the business to initiate operations.  American Plenty is my passion and it will be a challenge and adventure for me and everyone involved.  I feel strongly that AP incorporates all that and more.  REVOLUTIONIZE THE CONVENIENCE STORE INDUSTRY WITH ME

Thank you for your interest and consideration of this exciting enterprise with a promising future. 
                                                                            Karen N. Baxter
 The cottage style speaks more of mood than bricks and mortar…..our customers will feel like they are almost home.  From its inception AP is intended to be a major enterprise not just a single store.  My desire is to do a four store roll-out in California and establish a strong foot print.  I understand the challenges that will come with this type of business and its unique requirements. The Southern California area is my main focus but feel the potential for store development and franchising is unlimited.  A smaller version simply called “plenty” without the drive-thru aspect allows for a two tiered business model depending on needs and location and can be placed within strip/shopping malls, hotels and a variety of destination type locations. 

Tied very close to the soul of this venture is my belief in giving back and a desire to set an example by using organic, local, and environmentally responsible resources in the building/design and products we carry.  Having this in mind will guarantee success because it is a whole and right approach. 

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